Pontevedra, the car-free city

Pontevedra, the car-free city

The city of Pontevedra created a car-free city model. The central idea of ​​the model is the number of cars needed for the proper functioning of the city is much lower than we think, but the efficient and dynamic operation of urban transport must be ensured by meeting complex needs. Traditional urban models mostly focus on motor vehicles, while pedestrians are almost completely ignored. The city of Pontevedra placed pedestrians (and wheelchair users) on the top of the mobility hierarchy, followed by bicycles, public transport, and finally the private cars. The old part of the city, about 300,000 square meters, has been converted into a pedestrian zone, surface parking and traffic lights have been removed. New underground parking lots were built on the edge of the city. This act not only affected transport: carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 70%, people are moving in the city and the interventions have also had a positive impact on the health and relationships of the city dwellers.


Ponteverda Municipality