Ceglédbercel, the smart village

Ceglédbercel, the smart village

Ceglédbercel is located in Pest County, about 60 kilometers from Budapest, its population is more than 4000 people. The village wants to transform into a mini-regional center. In order of reaching their aim the quickest, Invitech Solutions provides its support and help for the town.
First, an eight-unit Full HD camera system has been installed, which can send photos of high-frequency public spaces to the local police and civilian guard. In addition, a WiFi hotspot has been set up at two of the most visited locations. As a next step they developed a mobile application, which helps locals and visiting tourists to get the needed information, such as services of local entrepreneurs or program opportunities happening in the vilalge. The next step is to build the IoT network by deploying environmental sensors. Wireless sensors can become more energy efficient for public lighting, and driver information can be utilized as well.


Invitech Solutions
Municipality of Ceglédbercel