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Smart Environment

Denver Office of Sustainability

The 2020 goal was set in 2013 by the Denver Office of Sustainability. City officials have been working on sustainability goals for many years now, including reducing emissions by 80 percent by 2050, fuel switching, 2020 sustainability goals, innovative public-private partnerships, benchmarking and increased transparency between the city and the public. Though the city must take decisive action and show leadership in these topics, the public needs to know how they can help on an individual level. Goals were set by separating government and community goals into efficiency.

Cleveland Climate Resilience & Urban Opportunity Plan

The Cleveland Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Plan includes a detailed assessment of the current and anticipated effects of climate change in the Midwest, along with mapping and analysis of Cleveland’s vulnerabilities, characterized by six social factors. The vulnerability mapping helps identify the parts of the city most likely to be at risk in the event of heat waves, heavy precipitation, or other extreme weather and will enable the city to target resources and programs to reduce risk.

Kimap City App

Kimap-City will provide citizens with a Map-Visualization service, containing information on the accessibility level of streets, sidewalks and bus/tram/metro stops related to specific areas of the city. The solution will help all the citizens affected by motor disabilities or by limited mobility capacity (old people), to find out which parts of the city are accessible for them and which public transports fit best their conditions.

Virtual Singapore

A dynamic 3D digital platform that will enable the public, businesses, government and research agencies to derive insights, develop solutions and run simulations using a large-scale city model of Singapore.

SymbioCity project

SymbioCity is a Swedish government initiative run by Business Sweden and SKL International. Business Sweden oversees the SymbioCity trademark and promotes national exports on behalf of the Swedish government and industry. As part of Swedish international development co-operation, SKL International uses the SymbioCity Approach to support cities in developing countries to plan and build sustainably e.g. by identifying inclusive and innovative solutions. The SymbioCity Approach seeks to improve the living conditions of people in urban settlements.

City parklets - citymaking!wien

CityMaking!Wien provides a new toolkit that make it easier for the people to conceive and build parklets in Vienna. A parklet transform the street into a social node where people can share with their neighboors. The webpage offers different tools that will help the user to conceive and build its own living room in the city! The basic requirements and guidelines to build parklets are also listed.  Whats more the parklet potential map helps the usre to see where it might be possible to build a parklet in their surroundings.


Hexagon Smart M.App

Hexagon Smart M.App is a simple to use platform any organization or freelance developer can use to build lightweight and dynamic applications targeted to solve a specific problem. It combines content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to produce powerful visualizations. The primary focus of a Hexagon Smart M.App is to present users with analytical views of what was, what is, what can be, and what will be.