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Smart Environment

Amazon Workplace Rainforest

Amazon opened a rainforest-like office space in Seattle that it hopes will spark new ideas for employees. Company office towers and high-end eateries have taken the place of warehouses and parking lots in Seattle’s South Lake Union district. The Spheres complex, officially open to workers on Tuesday, is the pinnacle of a decade of development here. The Spheres’ three glass domes house some 40,000 plants of 400 species. Amazon, famous for its demanding work culture, hopes the Spheres’ lush environs will let employees reflect and have chance encounters, spawning new products or plans.

Aspern Vienna

Until the year 2028 an entirely new part of the city is being built in the 22nd district. Among others the project incorporates housing and office spaces for respectively 20,000 people. The integrated design of public space is the backbone of forward-looking urban development. “aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside” is a project of new dimensions. The 240-hectare project area makes it one of Europe’s largest urban developments, it is a city within the city. Quality of life and cooperation rank at the top of the agenda.

Energy Dash

The Energy Dash expands our suite of glanceable devices with supplemental functionality. In addition to serving as a tool for utility companies to relay information to customers about energy consumption and demand, the Zigbee enabled Energy Dash also provides customers with real time indoor temperature and the option of displaying both individual home and neighborhood level comparative billing data.

Energy Orb

The Energy Orb is a frosted glass ball that provides real-time data about energy consumption, enabling customers to modify their energy usage when it matters most. The simple display communicates changes in pricing and demand by glowing a varying degree of colors; when the device glows green, demand and pricing is low, while glowing red indicates that demand and pricing is high. The Energy Orb receives signals over the Ambient Information Network, a service delivery infrastructure and wireless network.

Energy Joule

The Energy Joule is Ambient’s latest innovation in its line of energy products. Its elegant display monitors and communicates changes in energy prices by glowing a varying degree of colors. If the device is glowing red, it indicates high energy prices; yellow indicates above average pricing; and green indicates average or low pricing. In addition to the colored backlight, the Energy Joule has a digital screen that transforms wireless data from the home’s smart meter into immediate, easily accessible information about current energy rates and household consumption trends.

Velux CarbonLight Homes (zero-emission houses)

The performance of two demonstration houses, built and occupied throughout 2013, were measured through a combined quantitative and qualitative assessment. Two families occupied the houses over a 9- & 12-month period of assessment. The factors measured were temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration and daylight levels. A Building Management System monitored the readings at quarterhour intervals and the living experiences of the occupants were documented through bimonthly questionnaires, phone interviews and blog entries.

Project Botticelli (Passive House)

Botticelli is a Smart NZEB built in Passive House Standard. It is on the island of Sicily near Etna Vulcan int he village of Mascalucia which is located in the Catania Province. It is a firs example of Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) adopting complete integrated design of Passivhaus Institut concepts in a Southern Mediterraean climate. It is also the first Passive House in Sicily and has additionally become an Active House with positive energy generation. It is residential building that has been occupied since December 2012.

DESIGO (building management system)

DESIGO is an integrated building management system that covers all your requirements – both now and in the future. With Desigo CC, you can control and optimize all the systems in the building: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, shading, room automation, energy management, and fire safety as well as security services like video surveillance and intrusion protection. Desigo CC adapts to your needs and can be used to manage multiple systems as well as individual services.

E.ON Building Index

Building Index is an essential tool for cost-effective operation of buildings and facilities and is a modernization and new investment planning for determining strategic goals for energy efficiency. The top product of Building Index is the building control. The energy management system of buildings is automated for collecting consumer data and summary and it may be suitable for the building's energy consumption per meter, per regulate consumer, but also for the entire building.

Building to Grid

In the context of so-called smart grids, buildings are expected to integrate in a cooperative manner and to expose their currently unused flexibility of operations (shiftable loads, load shedding, duty-cycling, etc.), supported by building automation and information technology. Building optimization and grid optimization, typically decoupled in existing solutions, shall be harmonized.