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Smart Governance

Huawei Intelligent Traffic Management

The Huawei Intelligent Traffic Management Solution focuses on three service scenarios: traffic law enforcement, vehicle check and control, and traffic management. Ultimately, they enable governments to build a safe, orderly, and smooth urban traffic environment.

Traffic law enforcement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to identify, take snapshots of, review, and punish traffic violations.

Vehicle check and control: Track and deploy suspicious or criminal vehicles based on big data.

MA 48 office - green wall

The city of Vienna strongly supports the establishment of green walls. The green wall on the side of the MA48 office building was built in 2010 and has been under constant monitoring ever since. The city’s first green wall system is 450 m2 in size and consists of more than 3,000 m of lined stainless steel planting containers. The properties of the green wall are monitored with various sensors and its irrigation is provided by an automatic irrigation system. The summer cooling effect of the green wall is equivalent to the operation of 80 air conditioners of 3000 W each, 8 hours a day.

Rollet - Contactless payment by car

Rollet offers an innovative service that allows pass-through payment related to the car. The car essentially becomes a means of payment thanks to Rollet’s vehicle recognition technology, so there is no need to queue at the parking meter. Rollet parking will start registering in the apps. Parking will then start automatically on arrival at the barrier, at check-out trunk and payment will be made automatically, with a registered credit card.

Populus Street Manager

Populus Street Manager helps city departments of transportation identify and communicate new street policies, including street closures due to emergencies, construction, special events, or temporary COVID shared street policies. Street Manager can also be used alongside Populus’ mobility management solutions which help city transportation authorities securely receive and analyse data from mobility fleets, such as shared scooters, mopeds, and cars, to support data-driven transportation policy and planning.

Online mapping tool for safer travel

The City of Edinburgh Council will join cities across the UK and Europe and continue to act quickly to introduce temporary measures to make streets safe for walking, cycling and wheeling and helping you avoid unnecessary car journeys.
Their aims to make space for you to exercise and travel safely around the city, reduce risk while using the roads for travel or exercise, make space around shopping streets and in the city centre.

BUDAPEST XV - Smart Problemreporting System

The aim of  "BUDAPEST XV" smart phone application is the interactive involvement of the XVth district's inhabitants in the improvement of the cityscape, as well as the simplification of complaint and problem reporting and the acceleration of case management. All the user has to do is provide a description of the problem when submitting a new report, then select from the predefined categories the most appropriate, and finally specify the exact location of the problem.

Solar powered smart bins

The town installed  solar-powered compactor equipped Bigbelly bins. A sensor inside the bin activates the compactor when the rubbish gets to a certain level. Crushing the contents enables a Bigbelly bin to hold up to six times more waste than a standard rubbish bin. The bin sends real-time level data to a dashboard that lets contractors and city operational leaders know how full the bin is, and when it needs emptying.

Solar pump

An innovative solar pump was installed at the end of Kártya Street to drain excess rainwater. This street, as the deepest point of the Rózsavölgy suffered the most from the creek floods and rainfalls that flow there from everywhere. The road surface and sidewalk have been renovated from wall to wall, and for years the temporary sandbag protection has been replaced by a permanent defense.