Coral Gables - Smart Districts

Coral Gables - Smart Districts

The Coral Gables Smart Districts project implements several interconnected and interoperable elements that include a Smart City Hub public platform ( ), a Data Marketplace, an Application Store, Transparency Portals, a Community Intelligence Center; Data Platforms, Internet of Things, and a robust and resilient technology infrastructure with high-speed communications. This project promotes the development of a smart city ecosystem that fosters innovation and economic growth by bringing together through technology People, Businesses, Organizations, Things, and Systems. It leverages strategic planning and innovation and implements digital transformation and smart initiatives that benefit the citizens with continuous improvement of customer service and quality of life, in areas of municipal services, sustainability (environmental, economic, process improvement and efficiencies), resilience (network resilience, hurricane resilience, cyber-infrastructure resilience and security), and livability (public safety, transportation, citizen services, citizen engagement and communications, transparency, mobility, inclusion and accessibility). The Coral Gables Smart City Hub is a public platform for exploring and downloading open data; for discovering and building apps; and for engaging to solve important local issues. Collaborators and the public can access convenient city services, analyze and combine Open Datasets using maps and graphs, as well as develop new web and mobile applications.  


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