MeetinVR - Business Meetings & Collaboration in VR

MeetinVR - Business Meetings & Collaboration in VR

There is no doubt in our minds that VR will be the primary way people will work and connect in the future. When removing the limitations imposed by the real world, the possibilities of what can be accomplished through VR collaboration are simply unlimited.

At MeetinVR, they are studying in extreme detail every single factor which can contribute to creating productive, efficient but also inspiring meetings. With a small but growing team they have managed to incorporate many of the insights they gathered after talking to thousands of organisations over the past 4 years since MeetinVR was born.


- Optimized Interactions (eg. useing tablet, using 3D objects, …)

- Advanced Brainstorming (eg. speech-to-text, 3D mind maps,...)

- Diverse Workspaces (eg. choose a workspace which fits the meeting needs)